COVID-19 Secure, Protocol

Face to face counselling

I will be offering face to face counselling from 3rd Aug 2020.

I’m still offering video calls for clients who are not ready to return to face to face counselling.

Everyone is trying to get back to normal (well as normal as we can be and still keep safe). I’m looking at restarting face to face counselling, I want to do this in a safe way for both the client and myself. I have put together protocol and guidelines so face to face counselling can take place safely as possible.

Before I start face to face Counselling with a client, I will need to complete a risk assessment which will be done on the initial call. If face to face counselling is to take place then I will email a COVID-19 contract for the client to complete. This will need to be complete (plus deposit) before the session is confirmed. This is one of the ways that can keep the client and myself safe. Information will be covered below.

Clients will need to inform me of any medical condition that could make them more prone to being infected by COVID19. This could mean that face to face counselling cant take place for this client but not always. This is why it is important to complete the risk assessment on the initial call.

Clients will need to inform me if they or their family has symptoms and/or tested positive for COVID-19. I will do the same. (won’t be able to attend sessions until after the isolation period is complete)

Clients can wear a face covering, this is a decision for the client to make. 

I can wear a face shield and/or mask, if this would help the client to feel more comfortable.

Hand sanitiser to be used on entering the counselling room. 

Counselling room will be cleaned between clients and a 30 to 45 min gap between each client using the room.

Client will need to give permission to inform the NHS test and trace, I had contact with client if, I test positive for COVID-19

Guidelines on entering the counselling room

Client to enter the room first and use the hand sanitiser. Client  will be asked to sit on the chair near the lamp and then I will enter the room, close the door. Door can be left open if the client feels more comfortable. The window will be open for ventilation.

Seats are 2metres apart

I will leave the room first, then the client will leave the room and please try to keep 2 metres apart.  

It would be better to pay by card or bank transfer but cash can be taken if need be. 

Sorry no toilet access

I can’t offer drinking water, so please remember to bring your own if needed.